New years nails

So the new year is coming up and we all know thy we’re gonna die, so you might as well die looking GOOD. If you live in america, fireworks are a big thing, so for this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do exactly that!
Start off with a base coat and base color of black

Then when it’s all dry, take the smallest dotting tool (toothpick) and dip it in a pink, orange, or red polish and create small dots far away from each other


Then using the same colors and dotting tool, create small curves coming out of the dots

Using the same dotting tool, dip it in silver or white sparkles and add it anywhere on your nails to create stars. Put on a top coat and yay, ur fireworks are done!!!!



Snowman nails

Ok I know that Christmas is over but I had to do these adorable snowman nails. 🙂
Start off with a base coat and a base color of white.

When it’s dry, put on one layer of multi colored glittery polish so it looks like snow.

Then on the ring finger, create the eyes and mouth using a black, and a carrot nose using an orange

Put on a top coat an yayyyyyyyyy! Enjoy your snowmen nails.


Awkward and best Harry potter moments

Awkward hug 20111225-153527.jpg

awkward laugh20111225-153745.jpg

why would they just randomly go away? Awkward…20111225-154049.jpg

funny face after he fainted and like right after this face, a flaming man flies past him 20111225-154201.jpg

when Mrs. Weasley calls bellatrix a b**** haha bestttt20111225-154309.jpg

when bellatrix dies. 🙂20111225-154522.jpg

haha Voldemort and Harry morphing together20111225-154631.jpg

haha this is like right when nagini’s head gets cut off by Neville20111225-154739.jpg

voldemort looking awkwardly at his hand. My favorite20111225-155008.jpg

voldy in the middle of dying20111225-155150.jpg

Luna and Neville :))20111225-155325.jpg

haha mr filch in the back has to clean everything up20111225-155856.jpg

Harry TRYINGto break the elder wand20111225-160120.jpg

Draco and his fam 🙂20111225-160258.jpg

Harry, Ginny, and albus Severus potter20111225-160358.jpg

last but not least, hermione, Ron, and their fam20111225-160502.jpg

Merry Christmas! 


OMGGGG!!! I got hermiones bag! You know… From Harry potter. Teeheeeeee.
And another thing I got is this cool nail sticker thing with a whole bunh of rhinestones!!!!!!


Pumpkin pies

Me and my aunt Angel are making Pies. 🙂 pumpkin. Yum. Their so small and cute! Teehee.


Here’s my aunt taking one out of the machine thing. She wanted me to crop her face out but I don’t know how so I just colored over it. Haha lame.

Casino buffet

It’s so awkward here because u have to get escort but the food here is soooooooo good! Turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, bacon, steak, biscuit, waffles, and fondue! Omg I’m so stuffed

Teehee my grandma won one hundred dollars here! Yay we get a free lunch :)))


Haha these hats are like old British men. Just like my moms sweater with the Lerner elbow pads. Lulz

Easy mistletoe nails

Start with a base coat and base color

Take a medium sized dotting tool/ Bobby pin and draw three red dots in a triangle shape

Take a dark olive green and a small dotting tool/toothpick and draw two straight line coming from the red, and two dots on either side of the green lines.

Draw a curve while connecting the green dots using the same small dotting tool.
Put on top coat and ta daaaa! Enjoy your mistletoe nails, and have a Merry Christmas!


Teehee. I did them on my friend Carsyn. They’re sorta failure because she wanted to have blue eyes and pink lips… Now she’s doing horrible snowflakes, Christmas trees, stripes, and polka dots. They just look like blobs.

Oh. I’m at kumon. No surprise. Im always there haha :p. The picture is o the kumon people playing family bingo…..there are like really yummy cookies from top foods. Yummmmm.



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