Awkward and best Harry potter moments

Awkward hug 20111225-153527.jpg

awkward laugh20111225-153745.jpg

why would they just randomly go away? Awkward…20111225-154049.jpg

funny face after he fainted and like right after this face, a flaming man flies past him 20111225-154201.jpg

when Mrs. Weasley calls bellatrix a b**** haha bestttt20111225-154309.jpg

when bellatrix dies. 🙂20111225-154522.jpg

haha Voldemort and Harry morphing together20111225-154631.jpg

haha this is like right when nagini’s head gets cut off by Neville20111225-154739.jpg

voldemort looking awkwardly at his hand. My favorite20111225-155008.jpg

voldy in the middle of dying20111225-155150.jpg

Luna and Neville :))20111225-155325.jpg

haha mr filch in the back has to clean everything up20111225-155856.jpg

Harry TRYINGto break the elder wand20111225-160120.jpg

Draco and his fam 🙂20111225-160258.jpg

Harry, Ginny, and albus Severus potter20111225-160358.jpg

last but not least, hermione, Ron, and their fam20111225-160502.jpg


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