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Homemade hair growth treatment

First you will need to get two eggs, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a cup of water.

Mix all of those together and shake.

Take that mixture and massage it onto your scalp

Let it soak into your hair for 10-15 minutes

Wash it off

Story of whc

There’s this girl at my school, her name will be unanimous for all you creepers out there, and she is probably the worst person i have ever met. the worst friend. she just repackaged my christmas present, which was shrimp chips… lame ikr bro. so me and my bfwhalojm, Amber, made up a word,whc, and we say it every time we  see this girl around school. We say, “Whc!!!!! It’s ______!!! awww, hi ____!!”. and then she comes up to hug us, thinking thats a good thing, but its not. she thinks it means another way to say look until now, because she looked it up and apparently the meaning is like a worldwide heavyweight champion, and so she thinks we’re calling her fat. hahah lulz but really shes not fat…. just big thick muscular legs that are bigger than mine even though I am wayyyyy taller than her. ugh funny. but i dont want to say what it actually means because then that girl might find out and then it ruins all the fun. ahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahafunnyaahahahhahahahahahahahahah

nootd- love pink nails


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 Wearing my mom’s snuggie, BURBERRYYYYY. she got it for christmas. woop woop

Got glue?

I love playing with hot glue guns. Their so funnnn but I burned my middle finger but u cant really see it so I’m not gonna post a pic. I made this candy like snowman hot glue art thing.

20120102-174423.jpg its really dirty because of my fingerprints…

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