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Homemade hair growth treatment

First you will need to get two eggs, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a cup of water.

Mix all of those together and shake.

Take that mixture and massage it onto your scalp

Let it soak into your hair for 10-15 minutes

Wash it off

Old British Men

As my mom ALWAYS says, “Fashion always comes back around every 20 years!” some of the fashion from 20 years ago aren’t that well… pretty, trendy, cool, hip, well, you know what I mean. But this fad, is tdf! These sweaters MIGHT be itchy, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you look cute! lulz. They sell some of these “old british man sweater” at a lot of stores, but i think the cheapest place to buy them is of course, Forever 21.

What I want… :)

Everybody wants something, and all of these are what I want. 🙂

The Nikon 1- just like a regular nikon except it comes in different colors AND, the best part, it’s much much smaller.

Another camera, the Fujifilm Instax Mini- a polaroid that takes pictures small enough to fit inside your wallet.

Fujifilm Instax Mini

Japanese Washi Tape- feels just like painters tape but much prettier and used for crafts- shown on Craftgawker

The IPhone 4S- Pretty sure everyone knows what an IPhone 4S is…

(Yes… I know..)(more!!!) Nail Polish- matte and magnetic

Last but DEFINITELY not least,

A Hamster- I want one that looks like my old one, a white with random spots of butterscotch (his name actually WAS Butterscotch may he r.i.p.)

Tutorial: keyboard stickers <3



I ❤ my new keyboard, I learned of this cool idea from hernewleaf on craftgawker. She used Japanese washi tape to cover her keyboard but I used my Korean paper tape that my exchange student gave me. Hernewleaf's washi tape wasn't that decorative and she could write over the tape the alphabet, but couldn't do that. I can still use it hough because just like everybody else with a laptop, I memorized the keyboard.
I first cleaned my keyboard of all the dirt and junk so it was clean, then I cut the tape according to the size of the key I want to cover and then I rounded each corner so that it would fit perfectly onto the key.


Nootd- angry birds and tie dye

If you want me to do a tutorial on any of these, just comment which one you want a tutorial on.

Right hand- angry birds (red bird, yellow bird, white bird, pig, black bird)

Left hand- tie dye(rainbow)


British flag nails

These british flag nails are soooooooo easy, but adorable.
Start off with a base coat and a base color of a blue

Then with the brush of a white nail polish, lightly stripe on a cross

Then, using the same technique, make an x

Then using a Bobby pin, create an x and a cross in side the white using a red nail polish

Put on a top coat and yay ur done! Wasn’t that easy? Drink some tea and compete and share your tiny flags off to your friends


Story of whc

There’s this girl at my school, her name will be unanimous for all you creepers out there, and she is probably the worst person i have ever met. the worst friend. she just repackaged my christmas present, which was shrimp chips… lame ikr bro. so me and my bfwhalojm, Amber, made up a word,whc, and we say it every time we  see this girl around school. We say, “Whc!!!!! It’s ______!!! awww, hi ____!!”. and then she comes up to hug us, thinking thats a good thing, but its not. she thinks it means another way to say look until now, because she looked it up and apparently the meaning is like a worldwide heavyweight champion, and so she thinks we’re calling her fat. hahah lulz but really shes not fat…. just big thick muscular legs that are bigger than mine even though I am wayyyyy taller than her. ugh funny. but i dont want to say what it actually means because then that girl might find out and then it ruins all the fun. ahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahafunnyaahahahhahahahahahahahahah

nootd- love pink nails

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