This is my first time using the sponge technique, and I think it’s a failure. I didn’t even plan it and just chose random colors so it’s ugly… So yaaaaaaa.



Casino buffet

It’s so awkward here because u have to get escort but the food here is soooooooo good! Turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, bacon, steak, biscuit, waffles, and fondue! Omg I’m so stuffed

Teehee my grandma won one hundred dollars here! Yay we get a free lunch :)))


Easy mistletoe nails

Start with a base coat and base color

Take a medium sized dotting tool/ Bobby pin and draw three red dots in a triangle shape

Take a dark olive green and a small dotting tool/toothpick and draw two straight line coming from the red, and two dots on either side of the green lines.

Draw a curve while connecting the green dots using the same small dotting tool.
Put on top coat and ta daaaa! Enjoy your mistletoe nails, and have a Merry Christmas!


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