Nootd- angry birds and tie dye

If you want me to do a tutorial on any of these, just comment which one you want a tutorial on.

Right hand- angry birds (red bird, yellow bird, white bird, pig, black bird)

Left hand- tie dye(rainbow)



Nootd (nails of the day)- PAC man

spent so much time thinking of what nail art design to do forgetting back to school and finally decided on PAC man. So cute! They don’t real thane anything o do with school but this was the only thing I could think of lulZ20120102-213551.jpg

Snowman nails

Ok I know that Christmas is over but I had to do these adorable snowman nails. 🙂
Start off with a base coat and a base color of white.

When it’s dry, put on one layer of multi colored glittery polish so it looks like snow.

Then on the ring finger, create the eyes and mouth using a black, and a carrot nose using an orange

Put on a top coat an yayyyyyyyyy! Enjoy your snowmen nails.


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