British flag nails

These british flag nails are soooooooo easy, but adorable.
Start off with a base coat and a base color of a blue

Then with the brush of a white nail polish, lightly stripe on a cross

Then, using the same technique, make an x

Then using a Bobby pin, create an x and a cross in side the white using a red nail polish

Put on a top coat and yay ur done! Wasn’t that easy? Drink some tea and compete and share your tiny flags off to your friends


Easy mistletoe nails

Start with a base coat and base color

Take a medium sized dotting tool/ Bobby pin and draw three red dots in a triangle shape

Take a dark olive green and a small dotting tool/toothpick and draw two straight line coming from the red, and two dots on either side of the green lines.

Draw a curve while connecting the green dots using the same small dotting tool.
Put on top coat and ta daaaa! Enjoy your mistletoe nails, and have a Merry Christmas!


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