Story of whc

There’s this girl at my school, her name will be unanimous for all you creepers out there, and she is probably the worst person i have ever met. the worst friend. she just repackaged my christmas present, which was shrimp chips… lame ikr bro. so me and my bfwhalojm, Amber, made up a word,whc, and we say it every time we  see this girl around school. We say, “Whc!!!!! It’s ______!!! awww, hi ____!!”. and then she comes up to hug us, thinking thats a good thing, but its not. she thinks it means another way to say look until now, because she looked it up and apparently the meaning is like a worldwide heavyweight champion, and so she thinks we’re calling her fat. hahah lulz but really shes not fat…. just big thick muscular legs that are bigger than mine even though I am wayyyyy taller than her. ugh funny. but i dont want to say what it actually means because then that girl might find out and then it ruins all the fun. ahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahafunnyaahahahhahahahahahahahahah


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