Casino buffet

It’s so awkward here because u have to get escort but the food here is soooooooo good! Turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, bacon, steak, biscuit, waffles, and fondue! Omg I’m so stuffed

Teehee my grandma won one hundred dollars here! Yay we get a free lunch :)))



Haha these hats are like old British men. Just like my moms sweater with the Lerner elbow pads. Lulz

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Easy mistletoe nails

Start with a base coat and base color

Take a medium sized dotting tool/ Bobby pin and draw three red dots in a triangle shape

Take a dark olive green and a small dotting tool/toothpick and draw two straight line coming from the red, and two dots on either side of the green lines.

Draw a curve while connecting the green dots using the same small dotting tool.
Put on top coat and ta daaaa! Enjoy your mistletoe nails, and have a Merry Christmas!


Teehee. I did them on my friend Carsyn. They’re sorta failure because she wanted to have blue eyes and pink lips… Now she’s doing horrible snowflakes, Christmas trees, stripes, and polka dots. They just look like blobs.

Oh. I’m at kumon. No surprise. Im always there haha :p. The picture is o the kumon people playing family bingo…..there are like really yummy cookies from top foods. Yummmmm.



Everyone has want to be a princess right? Well I was one of those people. The picture is when I was little maybe in like kindergarten in Korea. It was at my birthday party and right in the middle of the party, I screamed WAIT!, and I went into my room. I looked through my closet and found this dress, and I hanged into it as fast as I could. I also wore a tiara but it was too small and it wouldn’t stay on. And when I came out everyone was staring at me like, “she’s crazy.” I thought I looked gorgeous and kept it on even though the sleeves were falling off my shoulders. It was probably one of the most embarrassing thing I have ever done now that I think of it . And I wished my mom would’ve told me to take it off… So if you have a child and she says she wants to be a princess when she grows up, please tell her that she won’t become one! Teeheeeeeee

^^that practically explain it all. But what’s even worse is uniform. I admit. The uniforms aren’t totally horrible. I mean at my first school, we could only wear khaki pants and red, white, or navy shirts, and we couldn’t even wear a sweater o anything. I like the uniforms at my current school, skirt (obviously not just any skirt), white or navy polo shirt, a vest with the school logo, black, white, brown, navy shoes and any school logo’d sweatshirt. So ya it’s not bad. Most people (girls) wear skirts. So the current school has more of a “variety” in uniform, but it’s still horrible.
The thing that people have a choice in is hair (haha but for boys shoulder length hair), and nails.
The school said that we can’t have any neon, but it’s not like we get caught having strange colors on our nails!
I love doing nail art. Ive done a lot of different designs, and I’ll put them on a different blog post. 🙂

Hey There

yo there my name is mindy and i love noodles more than everybody else in the universe. i dont like writing in proper grammar and i get stressed when people dont wear things (clothes/accessories) correctly. so i want this blog with diys and tips on how to wear them and just life….. 🙂 This is me.


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