Everyone has want to be a princess right? Well I was one of those people. The picture is when I was little maybe in like kindergarten in Korea. It was at my birthday party and right in the middle of the party, I screamed WAIT!, and I went into my room. I looked through my closet and found this dress, and I hanged into it as fast as I could. I also wore a tiara but it was too small and it wouldn’t stay on. And when I came out everyone was staring at me like, “she’s crazy.” I thought I looked gorgeous and kept it on even though the sleeves were falling off my shoulders. It was probably one of the most embarrassing thing I have ever done now that I think of it . And I wished my mom would’ve told me to take it off… So if you have a child and she says she wants to be a princess when she grows up, please tell her that she won’t become one! Teeheeeeeee

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