^^that practically explain it all. But what’s even worse is uniform. I admit. The uniforms aren’t totally horrible. I mean at my first school, we could only wear khaki pants and red, white, or navy shirts, and we couldn’t even wear a sweater o anything. I like the uniforms at my current school, skirt (obviously not just any skirt), white or navy polo shirt, a vest with the school logo, black, white, brown, navy shoes and any school logo’d sweatshirt. So ya it’s not bad. Most people (girls) wear skirts. So the current school has more of a “variety” in uniform, but it’s still horrible.
The thing that people have a choice in is hair (haha but for boys shoulder length hair), and nails.
The school said that we can’t have any neon, but it’s not like we get caught having strange colors on our nails!
I love doing nail art. Ive done a lot of different designs, and I’ll put them on a different blog post. 🙂

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